Tim's Life...

Tim was always interested in mechanics, electronics and how things worked.
He worked at the local drag strip, Thompson Drag Raceway as a teenager writing numbers on cars. He moved up to the ET shack, then to track announcer and finally starter.
In 1984 Tim started at Mr. Gasket as part of the road show with Bob Devour.

1970 Chevelle was always his favorite. He bought 1 in 1997, and enjoyed it immensely. Driving it whenever he could.

Tim worked in a local car dealership.
In 1984 Tim started at Mr. Gasket as a part of the road show.
1990 Started Hyatt Racing Services was established. The goal of HRS has always been to help racers with anything he could.

In 1992 Tim began working with SFI and traveled to Europe 23 times to inspect clutches, wheels, bell housings and contribute however he could. England, Holland, Sweden,Denmark, Germany, Finland all welcomed the SFI team to keep their racers safer.

Tim and Beth traveled the country making friends, and working NHRA & IHRA National events. HRS always had the same "Mother ship" trailer, but there was a time there were 5 other rigs traveling other events.

In 1987 HRS, Tim and Beth were " Car Craft Magazine- Hi-Risers" 
2012 Inducted into East Coast Drag Time Hall of Fame
Featured in Drag Racing Scene Magazine as " Peak Performer" 2015