Tim Hyatt and Hyatt Racing Services has been a UMTR Forum sponsor and a UMTR Contingency Sponsor since 2009.  Tim had a passion for UMTR and frequently attended their events to support and advise his customers.

United Manual Transmission Racing  -  "Dedicated to the lost art of stick shift Drag Racing"


"UMTR was established in Cincinnati Ohio by Karl Thiele in 2003.... Die-hard stick shift racers.... wanted to recreate the rowdy, untamed era of the gasser wars and modified production eliminator. That by-gone age that made you fall in love with drag racing... Yes, drag racing like it used to be......"


"The concept is simple: stick shift cars running a dial-in, bracket style format. Stick shift only time trials, stick shift only eliminations. Two classes: QuickStick Class for cars 11.99 and under. StreetStick class for street/strip cars of any ET."



Congratualtions to the UMTR 2015 Winners!

Tim Hyatt can often be found at the UMTR races, closely watching the                                       results of his work for the racers.